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Chrome on Google TV

The concept of Google TV‘s been around for a while, but has recently taken a hard form in the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV series. I got a chance to play around with an installation today at the Sony Style store and, despite what I consider to be an above-average user interface, still don’t see the appeal.

I’m an HTPC man; I live and breathe my hackintoshed machine running Boxee. When connecting a computer to a TV, you free yourself from limitations. Any software can be installed, upgrades can be made, and you could even dual-boot if desired. The price difference between Google TV hardware compared to a $699 Mac Mini (or much less expensive self-built machine) doesn’t seem large enough. That’s the one thing that Apple got right about the new Apple TV; $99 is a wide enough gap from any computer.

However, I often have to take a step back from my power user-esque preferences and realize that the average consumer is actually paying for limitation. They see it as convenience, but it’s really the trading of control for simplicity.

Google TV isn’t for me. But for people who want to be ahead of the curve while still keeping it simple, go for it.

Will you be getting a Google TV device? Thoughts?

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  • Travis V10

    I agree that it’s much nicer to use a computer for media consumption.

    I love watching TV shows. In fact, I paused Prison Break to type this comment ;) Anyway, I watch shows all the time, but I hardly ever find myself in front of a TV flipping through channels. Also, I don’t use any services that Google TV offers like Hulu because I get my media from *ahem* completely legal torrents haha.

    I feel as though more and more people are going to be switching from cable TV to a more “on demand” approach of being able to find whatever shows you want through Hulu or Netflix and stream them instantly.

    Also, I think HTPC’s are a waste. Instead of buying another computer to plug into a TV, one should purchase a large monitor for their computer. In the coming years, I’m sure the focus of TV’s will switch from channels to streaming services. Also, I fear that already popular services like Hulu and Netflix are going to grow into non-completable monopolies.

    Well, there’s my 2 cents :) nice post!
    -Travis V10

  • Matt Smith


    Hulu works pretty well for me, mainly because it’s convenient.

    I actually used to have a TV hooked up to my main computer. Problem is, if you want to do dual monitors on a computer *and* connect a TV, things can get a little hairy. Some newer graphics cards do have 2 DVI and 1 HDMI out, though.